Thursday, February 28, 2013

Opening the kiln...

As I had not fired the kiln for some months, glaze fired I mean, I was aware that this firing might not be quite on target. That I would need this firing to zero in my sights as it were on the glazes and placement in the kiln of the pots.
I did not place my better pots in the kiln !  wise move yes!
First I should say that the kiln was a wee bit too hot.
The tenmoku was applies a little too thin so it came out rather too brown and the ilmenite decoration did not show up !
The Shinos some were good some were poor in my opinion. I applied them too thick in general, so perhaps a slightly hotter kiln was actually good for them anyway !
Some images below of some of the pots and more images to come ....
We keep practicing !



  1. Thank you for the inspiration and direction. I really enjoy your carvings into the clay and the glaze results on them.

  2. Very nice Simon. Love the white pots. Hope mine turns out half as good..

  3. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful pieces!

  4. thank you for opening up a new world to me. I am a beginner with so much to learn but I learning so much & enjoying your clips.
    I do know one should have your own TV show..that's what you need!!! Gee I wonder what it would be called?