Saturday, February 23, 2013

Feb 23 2013 in the studio....

Two buckets of glazes to get sieved this morning and sorting bisqued pots for a glaze firing shino and one PB white, an old glaze from Lowerdown days.
The PB went through the sieve quite quickly but the shino took forever !  must be that there is a lot of clay in the recipe -
Here is the recipe.....

Nephyline Syenite -2000 grms
spodumene          - 1500 grms
ball clay               -   850 grms
soda ash              -   400 grms
EPK kaolin         -    250 grms
bentonite             -    100 grms

This recipe is from Mike Baum, potter from Ohio.

I am grouping all my bisque ware into categories as I decide what glazes to use.
My range of glazes is

PB over iron slip
Sprayed wood ash over hakeme

As well as these basic glazes I use iron and cobalt pigments in over and under glaze treatments/washes.

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