Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Auction

Opening the kiln...

As I had not fired the kiln for some months, glaze fired I mean, I was aware that this firing might not be quite on target. That I would need this firing to zero in my sights as it were on the glazes and placement in the kiln of the pots.
I did not place my better pots in the kiln !  wise move yes!
First I should say that the kiln was a wee bit too hot.
The tenmoku was applies a little too thin so it came out rather too brown and the ilmenite decoration did not show up !
The Shinos some were good some were poor in my opinion. I applied them too thick in general, so perhaps a slightly hotter kiln was actually good for them anyway !
Some images below of some of the pots and more images to come ....
We keep practicing !


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gas kiln firing

Started at 4.30pm and finished at midnight, had a 15 min oxidising soak at the end.....
Reducing into collector - pottery door open !

image showing collector pipe

another angle

yet another

twin weedburners
Opening the kiln around lunch time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 26

Spent the day loading the kiln with individual pots ( not repeats).
Glazing, waxing, decorating .....
Propane torching pots to get them dry.
Placing them on the wood stove....
Experimenting with a few glaze combinations.
Managed to get the kiln lit by 4.30pm so looks like a latish night !
At 5 pm hairy legs came with a delivery from Abrams Books !!
My book has finally been printed and we have a copy to peruse !
Pretty impressive I think and all for sale for $20 on Amazon !
Wow that's a bargain !
I yes I forgot to mention we  have a new "keep practicing" Tea shirt !
See that on my website but I'll put a picture here as well.

All for now .....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Glazing and packing the kiln !

Spent a good part of the day glazing various pots and positioning them in the kiln.
After I have not fired the kiln for a while it takes me a firing to get back into the swing of things.
Remembering glaze thicknesses where to put certain pots, where the hottest parts of the kiln are
and remembering to put the cone in place !
One of the nice things about a smaller kiln is that one can load and fire quicker than a large kiln.
Therefore one can learn quicker the tricks, that are necessary to get the results you want.

Had some good news that my book is printed and I should be getting a copy tomorrow !
Bruce Dehnert my co author called me up and told me he was very pleased with it !
The book is a bargain at $20 on Amazon and comes with two DVD's..... preorder yours today as the price will go up!
Some images from the studio today.
Time to run a bath !


Fresh auction !

Feb 25 New auction starting !

A new auction starts today on our website ! ...a bit later today !
A small tenmoku ilmenite decorated pitcher that I made here at Etna Furnace.
Check it out in an hour or so.
Meanwhile some packages to get ready for shipping....always something to do eh !

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Later ....same day!

Just got in from the studio and it's 10.30pm bit  later than i normally work !  and it's a Sunday !
Well had some shino to glaze some pots in which went well ...using wax, iron oxide pigment mainly together with some celadon pouring.
Truth is i am fairly new to shino glaze so have a steep learning curve at present.
I am getting there though and I think we should have some good results.
The kiln is forgiving which helps !
A few pics attached.
Good night !


Feb 24 ...

Not long before my show and workshop at the La Mano Pottery, Chelsea NYC !
March 8-9th to be precise.
I have a lot of work to get through the kiln over the next 10 days so need to concentrate and find the inspiration in the glazing and decorating.
Finding the flow is what it is all about for me in the materials and letting spontaneity rise to the surface.
Finding freshness and vigour ...aaaah !
Elusive inspiration, don't elude me, come hither, speak forth !
I'll try and gets some pics up here of the day's events !  ...later.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Feb 23 2013 in the studio....

Two buckets of glazes to get sieved this morning and sorting bisqued pots for a glaze firing shino and one PB white, an old glaze from Lowerdown days.
The PB went through the sieve quite quickly but the shino took forever !  must be that there is a lot of clay in the recipe -
Here is the recipe.....

Nephyline Syenite -2000 grms
spodumene          - 1500 grms
ball clay               -   850 grms
soda ash              -   400 grms
EPK kaolin         -    250 grms
bentonite             -    100 grms

This recipe is from Mike Baum, potter from Ohio.

I am grouping all my bisque ware into categories as I decide what glazes to use.
My range of glazes is

PB over iron slip
Sprayed wood ash over hakeme

As well as these basic glazes I use iron and cobalt pigments in over and under glaze treatments/washes.


Here is a simple delicious tasting dessert.
Take a banana peel it and place in a hot frying pan, fry both sides, until soft.
take out place on dish and pour over evaporated milk or cream, add a little brown sugar.
....there you have it !!  I tell you hot banana tastes quite exotic compared to cold banana !
Banana is healthy as it has a good amount of potassium in it which is good for the heart.
also boosts your blood sugar and can carry you the extra mile !
- keep practicing good cooking !
Hi everyone !
It has been a while since I added anything here on my blog.
I suppose with Youtube clips and Facebook etc times slips away ...
and a blog is just another thing to do online when there are already so many other online distractions.
Anyway I will be posting here again a little bit more frequently ...
pottery glaze recipes, potting tips,  food suggestions, health topics, things that are of interest to me etc.
i hope if you are a passerby here that you will enjoy your visit.