Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 26

Spent the day loading the kiln with individual pots ( not repeats).
Glazing, waxing, decorating .....
Propane torching pots to get them dry.
Placing them on the wood stove....
Experimenting with a few glaze combinations.
Managed to get the kiln lit by 4.30pm so looks like a latish night !
At 5 pm hairy legs came with a delivery from Abrams Books !!
My book has finally been printed and we have a copy to peruse !
Pretty impressive I think and all for sale for $20 on Amazon !
Wow that's a bargain !
I yes I forgot to mention we  have a new "keep practicing" Tea shirt !
See that on my website but I'll put a picture here as well.

All for now .....

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