Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gas kiln firing

Started at 4.30pm and finished at midnight, had a 15 min oxidising soak at the end.....
Reducing into collector - pottery door open !

image showing collector pipe

another angle

yet another

twin weedburners
Opening the kiln around lunch time.


  1. I love the picture with the flame searching for Oxygen! I would love to get into reduction firing!

  2. Nice Simon. I patterned my collector after yours..

  3. Looking forward to the results. I will be firing my conversion in early March.

  4. My converted kiln is tiny, 17 1/2 x17 1/2 .couldn't do the down draft thing ,but set the shelves up to flow in a zig zag flame path.Got about a 2 cone diff bottom to top,bottom being the hot zone.Your vids have been a huge help to me.finally back to potting after a 35 year lapse thanks to a client who gave me a wheel and the kiln! and your vids this has kept me out of the funny farm. I get about 2 bisque and a glaze fire out of a 40 lb bottle running about 5 psi on a h.f weed burner

  5. oxidising soak you say? what does that do 'splain....?